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Do Sugar Gliders Make Good Pets?

If you cannot have a dog or a cat and you fancy a pet that is more interactive than a pet tarantula or a stick insect, the perfect pet for you will be a sugar glider. Sugar gliders are tiny marsupials, and they are native to the forests of Indonesia, New Guinea, and Australia. They usually grow to the size of your hand, and they have few medical problems. If you are wondering about the lifespan of sugar gliders, you should know that they live for about fourteen years in captivity. For many years, there have been controversies on whether sugar gliders should be kept as pets.

One of the problems is that many sugar gliders are taken from the forests illegally and sold for the pet trade in the black market. To get more info, click The issue with this is that if animals are taken from the wild and sold to unsuspecting individuals as pets, they often become problematic. In case you are wondering if sugar gliders make good pets, yes, they do if all things are considered. What you should know is that they are high maintenance, unlike gerbils or hamsters. A glider will require you to feed it and also spend a good amount of money building a suitable habitat for it. Sugar gliders need companionship since they are social creatures.

Because of this, they should not be alone since they live in colonies. It is, therefore, essential for you to give the gliders a buddy. The best groups and pairs of gliders are if they are of the same sex. This is because if females are a part of the group, the males will be more territorial and aggressive. Sugar gliders are not legal in all countries because they are considered to be rare and exotic. To get more info, click Sugar gliders love to play with people as they possess characters like active, curious, and intelligent. The gliders will engage in fun activities with you, and they will bond deeply and enjoy spending time with you.

The pets love to cuddle in warm pockets if you want to take them for outings. Sugar gliders love to climb any vertical surface so that they can jump down in their glide position, which looks like flying. If you have them as pets, you will be required to keep track of these animals and supervise their activities because they like to explore. Gliders eat insects, vegetables, proteins, fruits, and a variety of common household foodstuffs like nuts and scrambled eggs. You should place many feeding stations in the cage of the glider. Learn more from

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